Congress Services

We have been specialising in congress planning since 1985, becoming a benchmark for the leading associations and firms.

For over 30 years we have relied on the loyalty of our clients, who have made us market leaders in Spain in the medical, scientific, and pharmaceutical sectors, among others.

Our aim, our vision: For participants to enjoy a unique experience. This can only be achieved through the full involvement of all the professionals launching the congress.

Our mission: To consistently improve the quality of our service, creating standards of success, and exceeding our clients' high expectations. To provide consulting and advice services in order to find solutions that are more efficient, going beyond the merely organisational ones. To provide added value to aspects such as sales, tax matters, sustainability, and legal issues.

Our philosophy: to provide services based on our staff's expertise in each area while focusing on a limited number of congresses per year. This provides us with a degree of exclusive dedication, allowing us to increase the number of professionals involved in the organisation of the congress, as compared to other congress planners.


Design, scenography, even the smallest detail is important, and these details are all taken into account by specialised professionals from each area so that everything runs in an integrated and fully automatic manner thanks to innovation in communications.

State-of-the-art technology is at the service of the congresses we organise: high definition audiovisual formats, electronic billboards, overflow rooms, systems that permit error-free management, more than  1000 speakers, instant publication of sessions, assessment surveys, live voting, live Twitter, etc. Everything is part of a computer system that is exclusive and unique in Spain for the organisation of congresses.

This all goes hand in hand with the creativity we put into our proposals. It is the key to an event that is technologically designed to represent a turning point and create an astounding atmosphere.


We are aware that a congress always produces great ideas and we want its organisation to be up to standards. We want the ideas to be truly great. For this reason, the chosen venue, the staging, the leisure offer that surrounds the congress, along with everything else is important when making people feel that they are attending an unforgettable event.

An event that goes far beyond its content and that generates pleasant feelings for speakers and participants: recognition, satisfaction for a job well done, learning, interaction, etc. But it also makes them feel comfortable and pampered, among friends and having a good time.

For Cyex Congress Services it is not enough for everything to be perfect; our commitment is to be able to astound.


Our 30 years of experience in major congresses held in Spain's most important venues  endorse us.

Our certified professionals, trained at the best associations in the sector, know that creativity and innovation can only work if they are based on dedication, planning, integration and efficiency. Feasibility can only be transmitted by striving for excellence.

Our team organises Spain's main congresses (cardiology, dermatology, etc.) It is familiar with the main congress cities and shows, year after year, that quality in service, a transparent financial management, proaction and the ability to cope, where any unforeseen issue has already been foreseen, are crucial for guaranteeing reliability

We receive a high level of satisfaction and loyalty from our clients, some of them with over 20 years of uninterrupted participation.

  • Cyex Congress Services is a member of the prestigious associations MPI, ASAE, and OPC España.


Our aim is to guarantee that a congress becomes a major event that every sponsor wants to be a part of. To do so, we establish new forms of sponsorship, we present new ideas in the programme structure, as well as creativity and innovation in the event.

We are groundbreakers in the solid financing of associations through their congresses, combining budgetary rigour, the capacity to negotiate, our experience in sponsorships and our sales vision. This allows us to considerably improve the profits from the previous congress. 

All this is the result of our staff's experience and training and of the detailed records that we prepare every year on each congress and that we hand over to each association. This is a tool with a high added value that provides each association with all the necessary information to evaluate the results and make decisions in view of upcoming events.

When thinking about your next congress, put your trust on the experience and reputation of Cyex Congress Services. The congress you imagine will be an unforgettable experience.


We have been the organizers of the main Spanish medical-scientific congresses since 1985.

Our clients´ loyalty. We rely on over 20 years of ongoing fidelity.

Absolutely transparent financial management that can be verified at all times.

Advice for the sedign of the structure, types of sessions and programme format, supplemented with detailed technical and scientific records.

We have one of the best Spanish professional teams move to each congress our own team in the main areas to be covered, technical, scientific, logistics, IT, hosting ...

Experienced bargaining power derived from the demand with the major conferences we organize.

Exclusive specific computer systems organization and management for on-line conferences.

Integral service of OPC (Professional Congress Organizer), Travel Agency Event Agency.


  • Making the proposal, this includes seeking the locations and venues that best suit the Congress needs.
  • Feasibility study for each congress, comparing it to previous editions.
  • Calculation of registration fees based on the Congress income and expenses.
  • Marketing and communications plan to increase the number of participants, exhibitors and sponsors.

We are at your disposal to manage the Congress' Scientific Secretary by offering:

  • Preparation and constant updating of the Scientific Programme.
  • Coordination of scientific sessions.
  • Direct management of the necessary material.
  • Design and drafting of the on-line abstract form.
  • Processing of received abstracts, sending to evaluators and subsequent confirmation of Accept/Reject.
  • Drafting, printing and delivery of Certificates, Diplomas and Scientific Awards.
  • Request and sending of Credits through the National HEALTH System and other official bodies.
  • Providing assistance to moderators, speakers, and Scientific Committee.
  • Design, planning and coordination of the oral and mini-oral sessions and posters.
  • Creación y Coordinación del Diseño.
  • Layout and Publication of:
    Preview of the Programme.
    Preliminary Programme.
    Congress Programme.
    Abstracts and Presentations book and CD.
  • Corporate image design and creation.
  • Drafting of congress corporate documents as well as all handling of other necessary graphic material, together with its distribution.
  • Promotion and dissemination of the Congress. Communications management.
  • Creation, maintenance and updating of the Congress Web page.
  • Fee management and collection.
  • Payment management and control.
  • On site attention to all congress participants.
  • Set up and document delivery.
  • Detailed drafting of Congress records.
  • Integrated Management of Administrative Services.
  • Secretary at venue.
  • Drafting of detailed quotations
  • I.T.
    - Accreditation and attendance control systems.
    - Streaming of sessions and support, overflow.
    - Congress web and app design.
    - Recruitment and coordination of staff and suppliers.
    • Management and direct relationship with the company that manages the Congress Venue.
    • Signage, signalling and decoration.
    • Advice and hiring of Shows for Social Events.
    • Hiring and coordination of all staff and providers.
    • Management of Audiovisual and Computer Services.
    • Possibility of simultaneous translation, video-conferences, tele-voting, information screens, etc.
    • Coordination and follow up of all hired catering services.
    • Placement of auto check points for document collection.
    • Preparation of Photographic Report of the entire Congress.
    • Taking into account all the Press Office needs.
    • Creation of a database for sponsors/exhibitors.
    • Seeking of sponsors.
    • Drafting and distribution of the Commercial Exhibition Dossier.
    • Integrated management of the Commercial Exhibition, covering all the areas related to it.
    • Coordination and supervision of on site installation.
    • Lodging negotiation and management with special and favourable conditions.
    • Travel coordination and negotiation with Airlines, Renfe (Spanish train operator), underground, etc.
    • Communication and management of lodging and transport of speakers.

    Cyex Congress Services offers a full service and we are at your disposal to organise your congress in an integrated manner.



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